Welcome to PAFERS Developer Center!

PAFERS develops and distributes innovative Bluetooth Fitness Solutions that are transforming the fitness industry and providing exciting new possibilities.

Our ecosystem is capable of delivering products globally. PAFERS API is designed for developers who are interested in developing apps for PAFERS enabled fitness machines to build new concepts, integrations, visualizations, games… whatever you can think of! Let's make fitness more fun and exciting!

Overview of PAFERS API

Before implementing PAFERS API, you need to sign up for a PAFERS ID to login to PAFERS Developer Center. Then you can register for our Fitness HWAPI Program to become a PAFERS App Developer.

The PAFERS API is designed with two major parts. The first part is called PAFERS Hardware API (HWAPI) and it communicates with PAFERS enabled fitness machines. The second part is PAFERS WebAPI, which helps app developers save time so that they don’t need to build another cloud system to store user profile information and fitness workout data.

We provide PAFERS WebAPI for you to connect with all other applications. PAFERS WebAPI uses OAuth 2.0 technology for implementing authentication and authorization and the actual authorization happens in the apps. Of course, you can choose to use your own cloud service to store users' data without PAFERS WebAPI.

Get started today by signing up for a PAFERS ID and register for the PAFERS Fitness HWAPI Program.